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Defying MPS1 and Raising Kennedy RSS

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Posted August 20, 2016 I recently started back to work as a character development teacher after having spent seven months at home with my daughter, June. I have been shocked at myself because I thought I would soak in every precious, golden second I could with her after going from being with her 24-hours a day to approximately four, if I'm lucky. Instead, too often, I find myself thinking "I'm just going to grab my phone to turn on music for us", and ten minutes later I'm still checking Emails, or texting my mom pictures of her, or watching another...

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Posted June 30, 2016 There is nothing I love more than a good tantrum. Seriously. Some people like to watch thunderstorms from their front porch, or cat videos on YouTube. Not me. I love a good ol' fashioned melt-down. (As long as it's not my child, of course.) I was out to lunch with a friend the other day, and she called me out on completely ignoring her to watch this mother daughter duo have it out in the middle of the restaurant. The toddler ran across the dinning room away from her mom twice. It was awesome. I even...

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KFrances was started in honor of Kennedy Frances Ladd. You can check out our "About Us" for more information. Here is sweet Kennedy today. Please continue to follow our journey to find a cure for MPS1. You can follow Kennedy Ladd's Journey at 

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